Volunteering Program

ASF will start their on-going project in helping rural Nepalese to read, write and speak English. The noblest action in eradicating poverty will be to upgrade oneself in terms of education especially English Language. English language is spoken by 2 billion people in regular basis. It has also been the dominant business language. It has become a necessity for people to speak English to enter the global workforce. Learning English can really change your life and eradicate poverty.

Volunteer Experiences.

Join fellow volunteers and lend a hand to eradicate poverty. Take the chance to explore Nepal, build global friendships and a make a difference in the life of the rural Nepalese.

You will work as part of a team in a community centre, home or school for 1 – 2 weeks. You can directly assist our host communities; as you will be working along with the local people and community members. You become part of a service-based grassroots movement and a growing community of active global citizens. You will help to improve their lives and build a sustainable future. The satisfaction and pride that comes from helping others can be life changing.

Can I be a volunteer?

YOU can! Anyone with the heart to help, adventurous spirit and a caring soul. No special skills or training is required. If you have physical limitations, you can work according to your ability.