Earthquake Relief Fund Distribution

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OFTB collaborated with the Alpine Social Foundation, a local NGO in Nepal, to deliver food, and tentsto families residing in the District of Gorkha, the epicenter of the earthquake. The district, which has a population of about 350,000, is the worst hit in terms of physical damage, with 90% of schools and 80% of health facilities rendered unusable.

On Sunday, ASF distributed approx. 100 bags of rice, over 100 packages of noodles, and 25 tents to families in Kathmandu, Dhading, and Gorkha. The route to the remote mountainside villages involved a treacherous ten-hour drive through heavy rain and mud-slide prone roads. As they traveled through the remote mountainside villages, they observed clusters of homes reduced to piles of stone, corrugated tin, and splintered wood. A member of ASF told me that the most difficult part of their journey was driving by families that pleaded for them to stop and give them food. The desperate cries for help has moved ASF to continue providing aid to their countrymen. ASF will soon be traveling to Gorkha with a medical team to distribute much needed medical supplies and medical care.