Vision, Mission & Goals

The world would be better place if we response and contribute.


Create a Happier Community

Happy community comprises with the condition of socio-economically prosperous and full of ownership through mutual cooperation between people around the globe.


Making partnership and coordination ever and everywhere in creating better humanity on the co-learning basis


To make things happen and spread around positive vibes. To bring lights, hopes and drive away darkness


  • To make co-ordination & partnership with stakeholders at all level for proper utilization of local resources for the development and empowerment through volunteer.
  • To empower and inclusion the awareness level and capability of the disadvantaged and marginalized people especially women and children of the rural community.
  • To uplift the economic level of pro-poor people through relevant enterprises with skill and technology dissemination by exploring mutual knowledge.


Social Justice, Inclusion, Reality, Impartiality & Sustainability

Target Group

Women and Children, marginalized community, social institutions like schools, libraries etc

Focus Area

Children, Health, Women, elderly people, environment, raising awareness & Income generation, cultural exchange, teaching & learning activities, tourism promotion, creation of borderless humanity and etc.

Working Policy

Working as catalyst between target group and volunteers by proper utilization of local resources in the project & programme.


  • Bottom up Approach
  • Positive thinking and Appreciative Inquiry
  • People-centered Approach
  • Participatory Learning and Action
  • Participatory self-review and planning
  • Self-Help Promotion