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Alpine Social Foundation, Nepal is embarking on a journey to eradicate poverty from the rural and urban Nepal. Poverty leads to crime, violence, drug peddling, girl trafficking, child labour and health deterioration. 40 % of Nepalese lives below the poverty line. Poverty is due to scarcity of economic opportunities, deficiency of resources and lack of education. Victims of poverty always succumbs to the surrounding helplessly rather than being an active member in their communities to fight the social ills and to eradicate poverty. Solving these problems are not easy or could be done overnight.

The Government as well as non-governmental organizations have helped to minimize poverty and have made a huge difference in improving the quality of life for many people. More people have found employment that feeds their families. The literacy rates have escalated. The nations health care and nutrition have improved greatly.

In support of the move, ASF a non – governmental organizations will provide skill training for the underprivileged single mothers, ensure children gets decent education in a well-equipped school and health camp for the under privileged and mal-nourished. We would like to take this opportunity to thank very pure souls that have assisted us with cash and in-kind donations. The donations were channelled to those in poverty, to assist them to upgrade their standard of living.